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The archives make a point of not storing artifacts - but luckily in one of the boxes (SCH63/13/22/) there are some school caps from 1930/1.

They appear to be special in that two of the three appear to bear the year date. The white one (although it doesn't look very white in these photos) was worn by the a member of the School Cricket Team. One of the school magazines from the period states that this was the case.


The other dated cap is in the more traditional plain colours but states "A1931" - as can be seen in the more detailed photograph. It is believed that this may have been awarded for football or another sporting activity - although there is no proof of this theory. Clearly there is also a plain cap for the non-sporting boys.

The badges on the traditional caps are made of metal with the school motto on them. Note the use of the letter "v" in "Age qvod Agis" - instead of the later "u" - as was conventional in those days. Better photographs will be obtained in due course.


Bound in with the Returns of John Ruskin and Lady Edridge (CBC/3/2/41) is this Headmasters report from 1931, signed by Mr. Field.

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