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from June 1992

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Phil Barber (JRC 1990-92) supplied the following images taken at the Shirley Road site during the demolition of the former John Ruskin High School in June 1992. Click on any image to download a larger version, and here to see all 12 images on a single page. (WARNING: Because these image files are large, the composite page takes a few minutes to download - ML)

   All of these pictures - except for The Windmill on the fledgling housing estate - were taken on the same day. As Phil recalls, "It was some time after the pupils had moved to the old John Newnham site - and I was very definitely not supposed to be there at the time!" Phil attended John Ruskin Sixth Form College, as it was then known, from September 1990 to July 1992. "For the majority of this time we were at the Shirley site; I think we only moved to the old John Newnham site in Spring 1992, or possibly Autumn 1991," he offers.

External view of school

Sixth-form Classrooms

Main school block

Main road with staff car park.

Portakabins in playground.

Main entrance to cloakrooms.

Main entrance

School organ

Science block

Entrance to dining area.

The School Organ.

Towards Science Wing.

Cycle sheds below Chem Lab

School hall and stage

Dining hall and kitchen

Cycle sheds below Chem Lab.

Assembly Hall and stage.

Dining Hall and main foyer.

Crane over cycle path

Milll through school

The Mill in new estate

Along cycle track to Tuck Shop.

Main block with Mill behind.

The Mill remains after demolition.

Maurice Lees (JRGS 1964-71) also secured some images of the school demolition in 1992.
As he wrote at the time we first published these images in April 2003: "The  sign by the playground entrance says: 'Free Hardcore. Loaded'." more

Dr. Neil Clifton also uploaded to Geograph.com several images taken in June 1992 during demolition of the former school buildings on Upper Shirley Road. more

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