Mike Marsh playing teacher in 1955

Roger Fuller (JRGS 1951-56) identifies several participants. "If the picture was taken during spring term 1955 then it is a Fourth year group, since I left after the Fifth at end of school year 1956.
remember that I sat at a desk by window; standing in front of window in front of me is unknown; standing by window nearest to blackboard is Mick Hoskins; at back of class middle row is Richard Carter; in front and to his right is ??? Neil; at the rear of the class on the right is Terry Sewell (back of his head only); closest to Mike Marsh at front is Vic Bivand; between Vic Bivand and Terry Sewell - and only just in picture - is Mick Denning. Mick Hoskins and Terry Sewell were the best sprinters of their year and Vic Bivand the best soccer player."

1955 Keystone Press Agency (Fleet Street), reference 10753-12.

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