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A Vintage Year: 1962/63's 5U

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In September 1962, several of our group entered 5U at JRGS, with form master Mr. David "Rhino" Rees. Halcyon Days, indeed, with a first crack at GCE O-levels in nine months, an expected transition to the sixth form and A-levels followed, for many of us, by university or college.

A full class list and GCE O-level successes of 5U can be found on page 2 of the 1963 Speech Day program.

It is interesting to note that several of these pupils attended the first Ruskin Reunion, held at The Surprise in September 2009 - their names are marked in boldface type on this list.

Classmate Nickname 1962 Today Catching Up...

Baron P G (Peter)


Peter Baron

Peter Baron - Jan 2013

JRGS 1959-66; 1?, 2C, 3M, 5U, 5B, L6, U6
Left after A-Levels to join Royal Insurance as a claims inspector, based in South London, then a loss adjuster in Nottingham. Made redundant, bought a bookshop in Suffolk. Married in 1971 with two children and two grandsons. Divorced in 2003, now lives with new partner, a primary school teacher. Email

Brigden J S


John Brigden

John Brigden

JRGS 1959-64; 1M, 2C, 3M, 5U, 5B
Left after O-Levels and studied land surveying at what is now University of East London. Worked in the offshore oil industry starting with an exploration company in Croydon. Spent two years in Australia during early Seventies and then on assignment to Calgary,
Married for 26 years with two grown sons. Email

Byford A J


John Byford

John Byford

JRGS 1959-66; 1H, 2C, 3M, 5U, 5B, L6Arts, U6Arts
BA (Geography then Sociology) University of Sussex. Post-grad year at Liverpool John Moores University.
Retired from Legal Deposit Strategy at British Library; living in Camberwell, South London, since 1983. One son, Hugh. Currently single. Published in professional journals; co-edited one book. Email

Charles A E


Tony Charles - Jan 2013

JRGS 1959-67 1?, 2C, 3M, 5U, 5B, L6Arts, U6Arts, 3Y6
BA (German) Exeter University 1967-70.
Currently living near Exeter in retirement, although still a magistrate.

Dyer B R


Brian Dyer -2009

JRGS 1959-66; 1?, 2C, 3M, 5U, L6Arts, U6Arts
BA (French/German) Exeter University 1966-69.
Married. Two daughters. Living in Smarden, Kent. Running own language training business.

Ead R D


Russell Ead - 2010

JRGS 1959-66; 1?, 2C, 3M, 5U, L6Sc, U6Sc
Studied medicine at Manchester University. Qualified 1971. Postgraduate training in Salford and Leeds. In 1979 appointed consultant dermatologist in Manchester and Salford. Married Denise in 1974; two children. Keen gardener and supporter of Manchester City FC. Living in Marple, Cheshire. Retired in 2013.

Farmer G A


JRGS 1959-64; 1?, 2C, 3M, 5U, 5B
Completed an apprenticeship with GPO Long Distance Area and then worked at Goonhilly Downs Earth Station. In 1996 took voluntary redundancy and then joined East Sussex County Council. Retired in 2012; has three children and four grandchildren. Secured BA from the Open University in 2002. Email

Graham P M


Paul Graham

JRGS 1959-66; 1H, 2C, 3M, 5U, L6ScA, U6ScA, 3Y6
BSc (Maths) Hatfield College, Durham University, and Post grad Cert Ed. Taught in primary school, 1970-73. Traveled abroad 1973-76. Taught maths in secondary school, 1976-91. Worked in local government 1992-2012. Married (1975) with two children; now widower.
Living in retirement in Iver, Bucks. Email  

Green I D



JRGS 1959-65; 1?, 2C, 3M, 5U, L6ScA, U6ScA
According to classmate Colin Taylor, lived in the Duppas Way/Purley Way area, and died of heart-tissue infection. Older brother attended JRGS during Sixties.
Married Jennifer Kent ~Sep 1970 Croydon. One child Stuart Spencer Green born ~Mar 1971 Croydon.
Born 8 Dec 1947; Died ~Mar 1982 Northampton RD  

Hall R N


Roger Hall - 2002

JRGS 1959-67; 1H, 2C, 3M, 5U, 5B, L6Sc, U6Sc, 3Y6
Industrial Maths at UWIST, Cardiff. Joined BT for a temp job and stayed 32 years in the IT Department. Project delivery manager and, at one stage, in charge of the systems behind the UK's 999 emergency service. Married briefly in Seventies; with partner Di for 16 years. Took early retirement in March 2002. Living near Cardiff. Email

Harman G K


Graham Harman - 2002

JRGS 1959-66; 1M, 2C, 3M, 5U, L6Sc, U6Sc
BSc Maths Imperial College, London University 1966-69.

Working in the finance industry in London/Croydon.
Exact whereabouts unknown.

Harper T T



JRGS 1959-65; 1M, 2C, 3M, 5U, L6Arts, U6Arts
BA (French/German) Reading University 1966-69.

Current whereabouts unknown.

Harrison G M


Grant Harrison - 2015

JRGS 1959-66; 1G, 2C, 3M, 5U, 5B, L6SC, U6S
MSc in Environmental Sciences. Working in Environmental Health, first in Islington and Hammersmith, now Norfolk. Living at Fakenham. Involved in Chicken Shed Theatre Group, North London. Chairman of Fakenham Operatic Society. Married since 1974 with two daughters, both studying psychology. Email

Heslop J R



JRGS 1959-66; 1?, 2G, 3M, 5U, L6Arts, U6Arts

Current whereabouts unknown.

Hollidge M J



JRGS 1959-66; 1?, 2G, 3M, 5U, L6 Arts, U6 Arts
LLB. (Law), Manchester College of Commerce and London University, 1966-69.

Legal career in Central London, working on company law.
Exact whereabouts unknown.

Horner M J


Michael Horner


JRGS 1959-64; 1?, 2C, 3M, 5U, 5B
Left UK in 1974, and has lived most of life in New Zealand. Currently based in Thailand.
"The nickname has stuck with a few people from schooldays," he writes, "but 'Mike' became the norm once I joined the workforce."  



Mel Lambert

Mel Lambert

JRGS 1959-65; 1M, 2C, 3M, 5U, L6Sc, U6Sc + Lab Tech
BSc (Chemical Physics) University of Sussex 1968-71; some post-graduate studies; trade-magazine editor; radio production; emigrated to Los Angeles in 1980; self-employed marketing counsel and freelance journalist. Single since divorce in 1984; no children.
Became naturalised US citizen in 1997.          Email   

Lander S W


Stephen Lander

JRGS 1959-65; 1G, 2C, 3M, 5U, L6Sc, U6Sc
Worked for British Rail in operations safety, etc. Married to Ann with two daughters Lois and Kezia. Has lived in Croydon and Caterham since leaving school. Email

Lisney R P


Robert Lisney

JRGS 1958-65. 1P, 1?, 2C, 3M, 5U, L6Arts, U6Arts
BSc from Open University (1986). Worked for Hampshire County Council for 27 years; currently Head of Natural Resources Initiative. Published "Project Integra - a personal history" in 2002. Became officer of the Order of the British Empire in Millennium Honours List. Still supports Crystal Palace Football Club. Email          

Love K R



JRGS 1959-66; 1?, 2C, 3M, 5U, 5B, L6Sc, U6Sc
Working in air-traffic control.
Married and living in Reading, Berkshire.

Loveday M J



JRGS 1959-66; 1?, 2C, 3M, 5U, 5B, L6Arts, U6Arts
ARCM Royal College of Music, London, 1966-69.
Former leader of the BBC Concert Orchestra, based at The Hippodrome, Golders Green, North London.
Currently running a B&B in Kent with his wife. Email

Maynell C A



JRGS 1959-65; 1?, 2C, 3M, 5U, L6Sc, U6Sc
BSc (Physics) Durham University 1966-69.
Living in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

Preuveneers M J


Martin Preuveneers

JRGS 1958-65; 1G, 3U, 4U, 5U, 5U, L6Sc, U6Sc
BSc (Biochemistry) University of Leeds; PhD in Biochemistry at St. Bartholomew's Medical College, London; career in marketing of pharmaceuticals with Beecham, Miles Laboratories and Glaxo. Moved into biotechnology; recently ran a biotech company in California. Twice married; three children. Email  

Searle R F


JRGS 1959-66; 1H, 2C, 3M, 5U, L6Sc, U6Sc, 3Y6
BSc (Zoology) Bristol University 1966-69. PhD from Bristol in liver transplantation and immunology. Currently director of the Anatomy and Clinical Skills Centre, University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Treasurer & Chair of Trustees for the British Society for Immunology. Married with three children; living in Whitley Bay, Tyneside. Email




JRGS 1959-63; 1?, 2C, 3M, 5U
Worked for BBC. Formerly head of outside broadcasts for Harlech TV.
Living on farm, mid-Devon.

I G (Ian)



JRGS 1959-65; 1?, 2C, 3M, 5U, L6Arts, U6Arts

Current whereabouts unknown.

Smalley J C


JRGS 1959-66; 1H, 2C, 3M, 5U, 5B, L6Arts, U6Arts
ARIBA (Architectural Association School) 1966. Architect.
Joined  Taylor Woodrow in Oman. Spent six months travelling in Borneo, Indonesia and Malaysia. Spent 1977-80 working in Brunei designing and building a hospital.
Lived in Hong Kong from 1982  and now retired in Singapore.
Married with two adult daughters.

Smith D R


Derek Smith

JRGS 1959-65; 1?, 2C, 3M, 5U, L6Sc, U6Sc
BSc (Biochemistry) Bristol University 1967-70. Biochemist with the Wellcome Foundation in Beckenham. Married Vivian (Viva); one daughter; widower since 2009. Retired to a small village in Dorset.
Professional musician as "The Amazing Mr. Smith."
Sadly, committed suicide on 9 December, 2013

Taylor R C



JRGS 1959-64; 1?, 2C, 3M, 5U, 5B
Long-time member of Warlingham Cricket Club, known for his scoring abilities and sense of humour, Long-time fan of Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen, and member of The Syncopators.
Sadly, died May 2010 in Mayday Hospital, Croydon. 

Thomas J P


Jim Thomas

JRGS 1959-65; 1?, 2C, 3M, 5U, L6Sc, U6Sc
(Applied Physics) Brighton College of Technology (thin sandwich course at Marconi). Following several years at Marconi, moved into computing developments and recently telephone billing systems.
Married to Lynn with three daughters. Lives in Camberley, Surrey. Email 

Tomkins P K


Peter Tomkins in Spain

JRGS 1959-66; 1?, 2C, 3M, 5U, L6Sc, U6Sc, 3Y6
2Y6 Chemistry & Physics | 3Y6 Botany & Zoology A-levels
and S-Level Zoology with distinction
BSc (Zoology/Botany, then Psychology) at Nottingham.
MA Organisational Psychology from University of Lancaster 1970-71 | Senior psychologist at Home Office.
Sadly, died April 2011 in Spain.

Weight T M


Terry Weight

JRGS 1959-66; 1?, 2C, 3M, 5U, L6Sc, U6Sc
BTech (Maths/First) Brunel University (sandwich course with periods in scientific civil service). Worked at ICI Central Toxicology Lab and ICI/Zeneca. Career in statistics. Consultant in process improvement with PMI. Now retired and living in Herefordshire. Separated, three girls 15-27, new partner. Email   

Wiltshire M J


Matthew Wiltshire

JRGS 1959-63; 1?, 2C, 3M, 5U
Went to South Africa with parents in 1963 after O-Levels. Returned 1966. Cardiff University. Worked for British Council, mostly abroad. Returned to live in UK in 1999 and now lecturer at a Further Education College in Coventry. Married and living in South Warwickshire. Email

These vintage 5U images are taken from the 1962 JRGS School Photo

JRGS fotball XI

And in this photo of the JRGS Football XI from 1961 or 1962, scanned by Cliff Cummins (JRGS 1956-62), we can see no less than six members of 1962's 5U:

Back row (from left): Colin Taylor, Ian Green, Terry Weight, Derek Powis. Francis Harrison, Martin Loveday, Ray Brett.
Front row, Barry Tyler, Steve Kember, Chris Ralph, Tony Charles, Clive Poole, Peter Baron. Not pictured: Brian Dyer.

Click on the image to download a larger version.

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