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Lack of space prevents our including the following items on the main News Page, but here are some interesting
events/comments from the past several months.


 Cliff Cummins (JRGS 1956-62) recalls 5G's footballers from the Sixties...

5G 1961Here are two images of my 5G classmates from 1961 that I had posted on www.friendsreunited.co.uk, and which I thought the JRGS Alumni might enjoy.

   LEFT IMAGE; back row John Carter, Ken MacSteen, Alan Sale, Barry Howard, Philip Horton, Roger Dolphin; front row David Hall, Christopher Rickett, Michael Mulholland and David Burgess.
   RIGHT IMAGE; back row Peter Baines, Clifford Cummins, Terry "Ted" Durrant, David Myers; front row Anthony Thomas, Michael Young, Michael Schwarz, Michael Francis and Derek McRae.

Cliff Cummins, July 2004 email


 Roger Adcock (JRGS 1963-68) has spotted a "Croydon Guardian" story...

I come across an article in the online Croydon Guardian by Kerry McQueeney, "Celebrating 150 years in a spin," which describes 150 Years of the JRGS Windmill.

   Although there is much of this information about The Mill on our site, I overlooked that it is 150 years old.

   I can understand the first 100 years, but how did it survive the beating we all tried to give it?

Roger Adcock, June 2004 email


 Mike Marsh (JRGS 1949-55) unearths a book prize for Senior Handicraft...

Book labelFor what it's worth, the attached label (shown left) is from the book prize - it was stuck in crookedly! - that I had in 1954 or '55. There is no date on it and no indication which year the prize was awarded. I have a second book with an identical label, again with no date.

   However, both the books were published in 1954. One was "Reach For the Sky", the story of Douglas Bader, and the second was "Chesire - VC". My guess is one was 1954 and the other 1955. I know I had two, both for the same thing.

   I actually won the maths prize in 1955 but Mr. Lowe in his wisdom decided to give me another Craft prize instead, since two of us tied for top place in maths!

   As it happens, I would quite have liked the maths prize on the second occasion. But such is life... and one tended not to argue with JCL. Click on the image to access a full-size version.

Mike Marsh, Great Cornard, Sudbury, Suffolk, June 2004 email

LabelIliadPaul Graham (JRGS 1959-66) adds: Not sure if I want to trumpet my Thesis Prize too much, but the attached label and front cover (shown right) to Homer's "Iliad" date from 1961 (when I was in Tony Crowe's 2C).

   I'm sure that Mr. "Rhino" Rees would have been impressed with my choice of book! (Very topical at the moment, of course.)

   But what on earth was the "Thesis Prize"?

   Damned if I can remember!

   Click on either image to access a full-size version.


 John Cobley (JRGS 1958-65) unearths a fascinating biology text book...

Cover Earthworm Frog Rabitt Rabbit Rabbit Dog

Further to my recent mention of text books from the mid-Sixties, I finally received Biological Drawings Volumes 1 &2 by Maude Jepson, the large-page, soft red cover book we used to direct us in the dissection of the earthworm, frog and rabbit. It also has labelled drawings of all the bones of the rabbit, as well as a lot of plant anatomy drawings.

   Both volumes comprise mostly annotated black ink drawings, which are really quite cool. I am sure they will strike a bell with all the Zoology and/or Botany A-Level pupils. Does anybody remember these diagrams?

   Click on any image to access a full-size version.

John Cobley, San Francisco, USA, May 2004 email


 Roger Adcock (JRGS 1963-68) discovers Steve Kember's new website...




These and other images can be found on a new website for Steve Kember, JRGS Alumni 1959-63.
Photos ©Neil Everitt and empics.

  Other references on our site include Steve's unfortunately short-lived appointment as first-team manager of Crystal Palace Football Club, plus his many sporting achievements.

Roger Adcock, May 2004 email


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