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 Roger Holcombe (JRGS 1959-64) reports sad death of Robert "Bob" Hoffman

I have been asked by his family if The Mill could announce the death of Robert "Bob" Hoffman (JRGS 1958-1965), who died on the 8th of February after a short illness. The funeral will be held at Beckenham Crematorium on Thursday, 27th February at 14:30, for those who might want to attend.
   Bob he was a close friend during our mid-teens. Although I didn’t see him very often after he went off to Saudi Arabia and Australia, he was a pal for sure.
   I’m just leaving Santander, Northern Spain, on a ferry for Portsmouth en route from Portugal, which is a bit of a home from home.

Rodger Holcombe, Burgau, Western Algarve, Portugal, February 2020 Email

Paul Graham (JRGS 1959-66) adds: I remember "Bob" Hoffman from several drama productions, including Mole in the play Toad of Toad Hall by A. A. Milne, based on Kenneth Grahame's Wind in the Willows. He was also on the 1962 JRGS Drama Exchange trip with Mr. “Fred” Field and Mr. Robertshaw to Louviers, Paris and Dieppe – along with Roger Searle (JRGS 1959-66), Grant Harrison (JRGS 1959-66) and others. Our production was well received, though we were never quite sure whether the loud laughter was directed at us or because of the natural humour in the productions. (See July 1962 school magazine for details.)
   Staying with French families was quite an education. Amongst other things I seem to recall my first taste of home-made eau de vie, camembert and kissing a girl – not all at the same time!
   Sorry, but I can’t attend the funeral on Thursday.


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