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  Roger Searle (JRGS 1959-66) discovers two vintage images from the Sixties...

When I was sorting through my mother's house after her death last year I came across these two photos from JRGS school days. One is a class photo of Form 1H with Mr. Hancock, and the other taken in Class 5U by Tommy Thompson. They brought back fond memories which I had completely forgotten about!
   Click on either image taken in the rear quadrangle to view a larger version.

JRGS Form 1H, 1959-60

BACK ROW: Richard Humphries; Rodger Holcolme; Andrew Robertson; unknown; unknown; Francis Harrison (?); unknown; Paul Graham.

MIDDLE ROW: Roger Searle; Bob White; Derek Smith; unknown; unknown; unknown; Kenneth Collins; John Melton; Kenneth Grant; Malcolm Lyons; John Byford; John Shrimpton; Mr. Hancock, form master.

FRONT ROW: unknown; Stephen Rawlings (?); Roger Hall; unknown; unknown; Robert Seward; Julian Smalley.

JRGS Form 5U, 1962-63

BACK ROW: Geoffrey Farmer; Mel Lambert; John Heslop; Michael Hollidge (?); Peter Tomkins; Stephen Lander.

FRONT ROW: Derek Smith; John Byford; Roger Searle; Julian Smalley; Paul Graham.

Roger Searle, Newcastle upon Tyne, April 2019 Email

John Byford (JRGS 1959-66) adds: Wow, never before seen! Not much help, but I have made a start with two full names, one surname and one possible correction on the 1H list. At least two more faces are familiar and will give it more thought. (And proof that we had to wear short trousers!)

BACK ROW: unknown; unknown; unknown; unknown; unknown; (Looks like Francis Harrison); unknown; Paul Graham.

MIDDLE ROW: Roger Searle; unknown; Derek Smith; unknown; unknown; unknown; unknown (Kenneth Collins); unknown; unknown; unknown (Lyons); unknown (John Byford); unknown; Mr. Hancock.

FRONT ROW: Martin Loveday; unknown; Roger Hall; unknown; unknown; Robert Seward (?); Julian Smalley.

Paul Graham (JRGS 1959-66) adds: Both photos are new to me as well. Thanks, Roger, for unearthing them. Could the missing 5U name be Michael Hollidge?
   Re: the 1H photo: Back row, second from left is Roger Holcombe; Middle row: 9th from left is Kenneth Grant, 10th from left is Malcolm Lyons, 12th from left is John Shrimpton; Front row: second from left is possibly Stephen Rawlings, 6th from left is definitely Robert Seward.
   One thing I am sure of is that the 5U quadrangle photo wasn’t taken on a Friday lunchtime. We wouldn’t have looked so carefree with Mr. "Rhino" Rees’ double Latin looming!

Mel Lambert (JRGS 1959-65) adds: The lower 5U image is charming and just as I remember several participants. Julian Smalley, in particular, had a wicked smile, I recall, while John "Biffo" Byford was always up to mischief! I also note that several of us are wearing the new-style school badge on our blazer top pockets, while Paul Graham looks to be sporting the older, square design. Also, one or two are sporting the newer, wider ties - Terylene? - and others (myself included) favour the older, slimmer version with a more narrow stripe. Does anybody recall who the photographer was? Roger mentions Tommy Thompson, which doesn't ring any bells.

Grant Harrison (JRGS 1959-66) adds: Absolutely fascinating! I was in 1G so not all the faces are familiar. I agree with most comments so far. Definitely Francis Harrison, as we were often confused.
   How about Michael Horner for middle row 8th from the left? Stephen Rawlings and I used to go home on the bus together when we both lived in Croydon. Ken Grant and I were friends when I lived in Addiscombe. His dad was a POW after Dunkirk, and we had a mutual friend in our year, Glyn somebody? He was often called "Ernie" as he was believed to only have one testicle after an incident with a bicycle saddle. Can anyone verify this!
   Good to hear from Roger Searle, who might remember that he and I stayed at the same house during the French trip, and even shared the same bed.
   I will keep looking at the photo and come back if further enlightenment occurs.

Colin Taylor (JRGS 1959-64) adds: Looking at the top photo of 1H, I think the two tall boys either side of Roger Holcombe are Richard Humphries (left) and Robertson (right). Keep up the good work!


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