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Bob Wane (JRGS 1945-53) reports sad death of Eric Gibbs (JRGS 1946-52)...

Eric A. Gibbs (JRGS 1946-52)I need to report the death of an alumnus, Eric A. Gibbs (1946-51), in March this year. It was quite unexpected and his illness was quite short. Eric was taken unwell whilst playing an indoor bowls match, a passion of his, and never fully recovered. His wife pre-deceased him by some 10 years.
   Eric was a good friend and, in our younger days, we enjoyed many holidays together in Ilfracombe at the home of his grandparents. He was a member of our GYC (Geriatric Youth Club!) and we always met up once a year to enjoy a week away with other old, long standing, school friend members - a get together that has been going for some 27 years!
   You cannot beat old friendships; they just last and last until we all fade away. We were 10 and are now just six; we have a rule - the last two standing will drink a final toast to absent friends.
   Maybe Eric will be remembered by some of his year. He is pictured left in a photograph of JRGS Football Teams 1949-50, as a member of the Third XI. Click on thumbnail to view a larger version.
Bob Wane, Bedford, Beds, November 2018 Email


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