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 James Daniell (JRGS 1954-59) recalls his era at the school - and an encounter...

Iím fairly certain that amongst my treasures I have a 1956 School Photo. There isnít one on The Mill website. Surely someone must have provided one; If they have not, Iím your man.
  A brief tale. One day back in the Seventies 70s I was in Grants [Croydon department store] with my wife helping with the Christmas shopping chore. I spotted Roy Burton whilst in the gifts department. Roy was a particularly good friend and I have just found out from The Mill that he concluded his cadet stint with J Coy. as Company Sergeant Major/CSM. Bravo, Roy.
   Anyway, I warned my wife that I would attract his attention in a rather unorthodox fashion. I hid myself behind a display of baubles and tinsel before treating the occupants of the gifts department to a rousing first verse of ďWhen the light of truth is fading ..." etc. from the school song. "This will bring him rushing to my side," I thought. No such luck! Roy must have quit the scene fairly promptly and I havenít seen him since.
   As you can imagine, I was the subject of some curious stares (and in trouble with the wife again ).
   Best wishes to alumni; I love the site.

.James Daniell, AnyTown, AnyCounty; October 2019 Email


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