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 Roger Fuller (JRGS 1951-56) reports sad death of Vic Bivand (JRGS 1951-56)...

Vic BivandMy eldest son, my wife Anne and I attended the funeral on the third of this month in Whitstable of Vic Bivand, pictured left at the JRGS Reunion in September 2009. Vic and I were at Ruskin together from 1951 to 1956. He was the most popular boy of our year and the best all-round sportsman in the school. He starred at football, cricket, basketball and Athletics. He was, incidentally, popular with the staff including Mr. "Smut" Smith, Mr. Warne and others, in spite of testing them and their patience further than one imagine possible.
   Vic and I lost touch within a year of leaving school and only in 2009 - through the auspices of Brian Thorogood (JRGS 1951-56) - did we renew our friendship. We started meeting regularly for a drink and lunch in London, and started visiting him and his wife, Joyce, in Whitstable a couple of times a year. Vic was a generous host and much loved by three generations of my family. He will be much misse

Roger Fuller, Basingstoke, Hants, April 2019 Email

Mel Lambert (JRGS 1959-65) adds: Back in September 2007, Roger Fuller shared some fond memories of his long-time friend. They related  to music master Mr. Hancock who, because of his short sight and thick glasses, was nicknamed - probably by Vic Bivand - as "Squint." "Like a number of his colleagues, 'Squint' wore a gown in class," Roger recalled. "Some of the worst behaved class members, including Bivand and myself, would use chalk to play a game of noughts and crosses upon his gown as he moved around the room. Cruel sport, but daring as we saw it. That was over 60 years ago. Wrong it may have been, but happenings such as these were a part of what actually made schooldays the happiest of one's life."


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