Neil Graham (JRGS 1967-74) recalls Mr. Richardson's 2R class of 1968...

I don't know why there were so few people in the picture... it must have been a flu day! From what I can remember, it was just an impromptu thing, taken to the left of the main school entrance. Here goes with some names:
Back row: The person behind Mr. Richardson's right shoulder (our left) is Glen Rollinson. Second on his left is Rick Guest, who I believe is still living in Conyers, near Atlanta, Georgia. I think the guy on our far left at the back is Ken Cochrane - I saw his name on one of the School Speech Day programmes.
Front row far left is Graham Fowler. Third from the left is Mick Dukes. Fifth from the left is Mick Pete (or Jones??). From the immediate right of Mr. Richardson: Steven Goff, Dave Nelms and myself.

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