West Croydon - late Fifties

Vintage image of West Croydon - late-Fifties

This is an image from David Bradley's excellent website showing a Route 630 and a Route 654 trolleybus crossing London Road/North End at Station Road, close to the West Croydon BR station.
   David recalls that the photograph was secured in early 1959 from a barmaid's bedroom window at The Railway Bell Hotel pub on the south-west corner on the famous junction, "with no thought of alcohol; [we] simply asked if we could take some photographs from one of the upper floor windows.
   "This location is quite unique, for in the 1940s it was the only place in London where all forms of surface transport could have photographed: trams, trolleybuses, central buses, country buses, Green Line coaches, steam freight and electric suburban trains. The only thing unseen would have been the underground

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