Kitzbuhe in 19722 at Praxmair's

Praxmair's Disco, Kitzbuhel, Austria, in 1972

Image taken during a combined German/Geography Field Trip, with JRHS German teacher Mr. Geoff Lee and the Geography teacher Ms Unknown.

As Peter Hurn (JRGS 1967-73) recalls: "We had five days in Kitzbuhel in mid-summer, a trip to the Olympic Stadium in Munich before it opened - Olympics were 2 months later - and a trip to Salzburg, etc. It was a fantastic week; my first ever flight and holiday abroad, aged 16."

Left-to-right (near table): Graham Baugh (JRGS 1967-73), Peter Hurn (JRGS 1967-73) under white hat (tart), Dave Johnston (JRGS 1967-73), Rick Inman (JRGS 1967-73), Lynne Key (JRHS 1971-73) -now Bayes - and Rod Bayes (JRGS 1967-73).

Behind/facing: Dave Scovell (JRGS 1966-73) - I think thatís his name; side Sharon Tipper (JRHS 1971-73).

Lynne and Sharon were from the first intake of girls into the JRHS Lower Sixth; Lynne and Rod married in about 1977 or '78.

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