Peter Oxlade (JRGS 1940-44) meets with Mr. Charles Smith (left)

 As Peter Oxlade writes: "Today I visited Mr. Charles Smith and his wife Elisabeth at their home - a most enjoyable couple of hours. He related to me the events at the Thanksgiving Service, and of Paul Graham's distribution of website information.
   "I have to say that Mr. Smith was bubbling with enthusiasm and, although it was a sad event, he described it as a celebration. It certainly was for him as he reeled off names that left me out of my depth - although I tried my best to keep up! He was so delighted to have been able to meet some of his old "boys" and colleagues.
   "Mr. Smith also suggested that I should contact Mr. Martin Nunn, who evidently has a collection of information. (Martin, of course, was a teacher at JRGS well after my time.) I also mentioned to Mr. Smith that perhaps he would agree to writing up some of his recollections of his time at Ruskin."

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