1965 JRGS School Prefects

Standing (left-to-right): John Whittington (joined 1963 from Ashburton); Ian Macdonald; J. Harrod; Richard Marsh; Anthony L. Margree; John G. Cobley; John A. Turner; Harold Dunton; Roger F. Searle; Keith Looseley; George Strelczuk.

Squatting (left-to-right): John D. Mauchline; Ian P. Castro; Clive Pearson.

Missing from the photograph: Ian Davies, School Captain 1964-65 (Richard Marsh was his deputy); Cliff Preddy; Alan White; Brian Dyer; P. Green; John Heslop; John Hussey; Stephen Lander; Martin Loveday; Martin Preuveneers; J. Wenn; Phil Wynn; and Paul Graham.

As Ian Macdonald recalls: "The picture of 1965 JRGS Prefects was taken on playing fields near the Woodwork Room close to end of term on a Friday afternoon, since we are in ACF uniform and only changed in the lunch hour to preserve the precious creases in our trousers!"

And Keith Looseley (JRGS 1958-65) recalls: "My copy of this photograph is dated August 1965, and gives a flavour of the times in the way I've recorded the names:
"Back: Peachy, Mac, Harrod, Dick, Marg, Cobley, JAT, Dunton, Searle, Me, George. Front: Mockers, Cass, Clive.

"I think it may have been taken by one of the missing names - Alan White. He was prominent in the Photographic Society at the time, and it is printed on the style of paper he favoured, I can't remember what it was called, but not glossy."

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