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1960 School Photograph

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The following are elements of a four-part scan imaged by Paul Graham (JRGS 1959-65) of the JRGS School
Photograph taken in October 1960. Click in each section to acess a high-res JPEG file. (Paul supplied the caption.)

1960 School Photo Section #1
Section 1

1960 School Photo Section #2
Section 2

1960 School Photo Section #3
 Section 3

1960 School Photo Section #4
Section 4

1960 composite school photgraph

Composite photograph

Male teachers on third row, starting in Section #2 (left to right): Mr. P J "Spud" Murphy (Languages); Mr. D T Ricks (French/English); Mr. J N Rhodes (History); Mr. A J Hasler (PE, RI); Mr. A C "Fred" Field (English, Drama); Mr. L R Howden (Economics), also in charge of Chess Club; Mr. Nunn (Geography); Mr. D R "Harry" Green (Biology/Zoology); Mr. Probert (woodwork/metalwork); Mr. Thomas (woodwork/metalwork); Mr. C W "Pad" Peacock (Geography); Mr. J N "Spike" Hancock (Music); Mr. "Vic" Gee (Art); Mr. C E "Smuts" Smith (Maths/PE etc); Mr. "Percy" Pearman (Chemistry); Mr. "Puncher" Pearce (Maths); Mr. "Ol' Wally" Cracknell (DEPUTY HEAD); Mr. J C "Joe" Lowe (HEAD); Mr. "Sam" Chaundy (Physics) in charge of Scientific Society; Mr. Tryon (Languages); Mr. R F V Woodard (English); Mr. D "Rhino" Rees (Classics); Mr. A L "Egghead"/"Ego" Murray (History) in charge of 15 Society; Mr. D "Dobbo" Dobson (Biology); Mr. Cripps (Applied Maths); Mr. K G "Hooky"/"Capt." Maggs (Latin/Maths/RI) in charge of Army Cadet Force; Mr. N "Piggy" Graham (PE); Mr. A J B "Jim" Crowe (English) in charge of Film Society and Junior Library; Mr. P Robertshaw (Languages); Mr. J J Parker (Physics); Mr. B W G Cook (Science); Mr. H L Walker (Chemistry); Mr. A F Davey (Physics) and Mr. E J "Beaky" Cornwell (Latin).

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