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1970 School Photograph

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The following are elements of a four-part scan supplied by Neil Henderson (JRGS 1964-71), scanned by Helen Shadbolt and emailed by Paul Graham (JRGS 1959-65) of the JRGS School Photograph taken in October 1970.
Click in each section to access a high-resolution JPEG file.

1967 School Photo Section #1
Section 1

1967 School Photo Section #2
Section 2

1967 School Photo Section #3
Section 3

1967 School Photo Section #4
Section 4

1970 composite school photgraph

Composite photograph

Staff in the 1970 photo (left to right): Mr. Dilley (Biology/Physics), Mr. Taylor (Maths), Miss O'Connor (later John Rowlands' wife), Mrs. Bloch (French), Mr. John Gregory Geography), Mr. Alan Suffling (PE), Mr. Richards (French), Mr. Powe (English), Mr. Lee (German), Mr. Rowlands, Dr. James (Music), Mr. Nunn (Geography/RI), Mr. Maggs (Latin), Mr. Gee (Art), Mr. Smith (Maths/PE), Mr. David Rees (Latin/Classics), Mr. Cripps (Physics), Mr. Woodard (English), Mr. Cracknell (Deputy head), Mr. Lowe (Headmaster), Mrs. Anne Smith (English - later Principal of JR College), Mr. Tryon (Languages), Mr. Murray (History), Mr. Peacock (Geography), Mr. Green (Biology), Mr. Cook (Physics/Mathematics), Mr. Probert (Metalwork), Mr. Wilkinson (Mathematics), Mr. Preddy (Physics), Mr. Hasler (PE), Mr. McElroy (English), Mr. Chambers (English), Mr. Butterworth (Music), Mr. Robertson (History), Mr. McAuliffe (Biology), Mr. Jarvis (Maths), Mr. Dave Hewitt (Chemistry), UNKNOWN, Mr. Harrrison (History).

Our thanks to Peter Hurn (JRGS 1967-73), Glyn Lewis (JRGS 1968-74), Phil Terry (JRGS 1970-77) and James Barter (JRGS 1970-73) for updating the caption list.

As Glyn writes: "At the time of the photograph, Mrs. Bloch was known as Madame Midoux, the name change being post-Spring 1972, judging from old school reports. She was my form mistress at the time."

Phil adds: "I think if my rusty French from Mr. Tyron still works she actually went from Mademoiselle Midoux to Madame Block. Also,  the last teacher on the right in Mr. Harrison, my form teacher for 1H and who, I think, taught History. Incidentally, I'm pictured behind and between Mr. Probert and Mr. Wilkinson in Section 3."

All photographs ©Panora Ltd, London EC1.

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