1981 School Photo

John Ruskin High School 1981 School Photograph

Stephen Cruickshank (JRHS 1977-81) has supplied this scanned image of the School Photograph of the Upper Sixth forms taken in May 1981 - the first one we have seen in colour.
Click on the image to download a large-format version. [Source: http://www.moush.net ]

Front Row L to R: S Bitten, R Mulderry, Linda Ford, D Turvey, P Williams, L Smith, H Thomas, P Kara, J Arboine, Elizabeth Vanderstock, M Kingston, L Brett, J Corcoran, Julie Croxford, Mr. Rowlands, J Duxbury, C Stunnell, J Platt, Kathleen Gallacher, B Davidson, Tanya Burgess, C Cain, V Sapanio, J Bartle, J Brookbank, R Le May, K Aldridge.

Second Row L to R: E Dunn, W Walton, K Thompson, Vanessa Potts, E Kirwan, C Day, B Jennings, Julia Pettitt, H Taylor, S Naidoo, K Ottey, D Patel, J Noad, N Plaice, Jackie Handford, M Barber, S McDonald, L Stevens, I Jordan, A Padmore, Graham Speed, J Waple, S Baty, R Prior, John Hemmings, D Howe, A Mitchell.

Third Row L to R: Martin Davis, A Malik, Claire Halstead, A Hart, A M Plescia, Neil Cranfield, Ian Cranfield, Neil Boxall, David Butler, C Cooper, N Hodges, Ian Wood, A Butts, Ian Wright, Louise Collins, J Werman, S Fenner, Nick Bitten, S Holland, Andrew Dean, J Badgood, C Sandiford, A Davis, A Gunner, David Hawke, S Shillingford, A Aitchison, Sharon Bland, N Smith, Nick ??

Fourth Row L to R: A Buckley, Peter Vernon, Jo Sodoma, A Hepworth, C Brunsdon, Peter Frankham, Paul Day, Barry Wheeler, A Trythall, R Andrews, J Clayton, Yousaf Shafi, David Berry, A Russell-Smith, M Hill, A Colbran, T Morris, D Taylor, Phil Goldsmith, A Raman, Ian Pratt, Robert McNab, Chris Peacock, Neil Johannessen.

Note: Stephen Cruickshank and David Button are missing from this image, because the latter's car broke down on the way to school that afternoon and both pupils missed the photo opportunity.
Corrections and full names can be sent to Stephen Cruickshank.

Photograph ©Buchanan, Portslade, Sussex. All rights reserved.

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