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Apr 1921

April 1921 saw a teachers strike - but the Headmaster, of course, manned his post.

A record was made in the log, as well as the need for Emergency Teachers.


Although there are no very early pictures in the Archives themselves (other than the contents of school magazines), this picture from the  School Record shows that early on the School had established a football team.

The School Record, of course, was established in Mr. J. C Lowe's time - and there is no note as to where this picture came from -  or why it is there! But we're glad that it is.

Sep 1921

And in September, Mr. Field received notification that the Board of Education would consent to an increase in accommodation and 53 new boys were admitted.

This page is also historically important as it also shows that Malcolm Muggeridge worked at the school briefly as an 18-year old Supply Teacher.

On this occasion he was only at the school between 12 September and 16 September, but returned again in 1922 and 1924. (See Timeline 1922 and Timeline 1924 for information on Muggeridge's subsequent period of teaching at John Ruskin School.)

Born in 1903, Malcolm Muggeridge has become one of the notable figures of the 20th Century. He is well-known as an author, journalist, media personality and, in his later years, a leading spokesman for Christianity. His upbringing was, as he termed it, "socialist;" his father was involved in politics and served as a member of Parliament. He attended Cambridge University, and after his graduation in 1924, went to India as a teacher. He returned to his native England in 1927, where he married Katherine (Kitty) Dobbs and worked as a substitute teacher. After six months, the young couple moved to Egypt to assume another teaching post. It was here in Egypt that Muggeridge's career as a journalist began in earnest, a life of writing that would include work for the Manchester Guardian, Calcutta Statesman, Evening Standard, Daily Telegraph and other newspapers.

 - extracted from Wheaton College Archive, Illinois

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