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Timeline 1924

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Periodically the School was required to make a Return to the Board of Education.


CBC/3/2/41 contains a number of examples these documents up until the War years.


They are of interest because they take a snapshot  of the details of the school population.


The first one that is available is the 1924 Return. It seems to be in two parts. It's not entirely clear that both parts were necessary - but, luckily for us, Mr. Field filled them both in.


Oddly, he didn't have to sign the 1924 version, although later versions are signed.

1924 1924

Malcolm Muggeridge returns for his final recorded stint at Ruskin from March 14th to March 31st as a Supply Teacher.

Not only is this recorded in the Log, but is also on the Return!

It is interesting to note that with his newly awarded Cambridge BA, he is the highest qualified person (academically) on the staff - apart from Field himself with his MA, and one other teacher with a BA.

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