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Timeline 1939-45 - The War Years (1 of 3)

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1939-45 #1 1939-45 #1

Just prior to the outbreak of War, in March 1939 McLeod filled in a Return for the Board of Education. From CBC/3/2/41, it shows very clearly the population of the school prior to evacuation.

1939-45 #1 1939-45 #1

Unfortunately, unlike the 1924 Return, it doesn't list all the teachers.

1939-45 #1There is also a very good example of McLeod's signature on the front  page, which has been photographed more clearly as we know that some Alumni are interested in staff autographs.

1939-45 #1 1939-45 #1

Until now, the war years have been difficult to track - but the Log reveals all.

The school moved fairly smartly out of Croydon to Shoreham, with Mr. McLeod at the helm. The citizens of Croydon believed that Croydon would be bombed out of existence so schools moved to the South Coast which, as it turned out, was even more dangerous!

1939-45 #1 1939-45 #1

Why stress "McLeod" at the helm? The Log goes wherever the school actually is and as can be seen later it moves about quite a lot - but Tamworth Road as a building still exists for it to come home to.

Mr. McLeod's account of the events of the move, although difficult to read, probably sum up the situation as best as it can be, starting with the September 13th entry.

10 April 1940 is key. Mr. McLeod left Shoreham - but the Log stayed, because that is where the school was. There is no record of exactly where staff were recalled to, or what they did when they got there.

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