Timeline 1939-45 - The War Years 2 of 3
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Timeline 1939-45 - The War Years (2 of 3)

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1939-45 #2 1939-45 #2

When a Headmaster left, he was replaced by a Teacher-in Charge - in this case a Mr. Strick. He takes over the Log.

His writing is much easier to read! He presides over the second move, on 14 July 1940, this time to Woking in Surrey - since the South Coast is deemed to be even more dangerous than Croydon.

On 27 July 1940, staff are now being recalled to Tamworth Road - although the official "John Ruskin" is still in Woking.

1939-45 #2 1939-45 #2

Here we have a late change of Teacher-in-Charge. For some undefined reason, Mr. Strick has to hand control to Mr. Myers on 23 September 1940.

Note that pupils didn't go to school if there was an air-raid - and this was duly recorded, probably so that the missing entries in the registers wouldn't be challenged.

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