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Timeline 1951

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Here is the first evidence that Headmaster's Salary is linked to the  numbers and ages of the boys in the school. It is jointly signed by Mr. J. C. Lowe and the Education Department.

More interestingly, P194 of the Log shows that there were 349 boys in the school - less than there had been earlier in its life.

Although no Log picture is available, the entry on 3 December 1951 provides one of the more amusing moments to the reader:

"Mr. Smith absent for a short time to take up appointment at Croydon General Hospital. He was able, however, to transfer the appointment to after-school hours, and so missed only part of a lesson."

No rest for the boys, and presumably minimal pay docked for sickness. Those in the UK must be wondering how long, if he did that today, Mr. Smith would have to wait for another appointment!

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