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We have developed an annotated list of masters and mistresses that shared our lives during the many decades of the school's existence. Additional images from the school photographs will be added during coming months.

Our sincere thanks to the following for many of the updates included here:

 >> Ian Butterworth, who was a master at JRGS/JRHS from 1963 to 1980.

 >> Anne Smith, who was with the school and SFC from 1970 to 1999, as Senior Mistress, Deputy Head and Principal.

 >> Cliff Cummins, a pupil at the school from 1956 to 1962, who found many dates at the Family Records Centre.

 >> Paul Graham, a pupil at the school from 1959 to 1966, who located additional details in a variety of sources.

 >> Anthony Childs, a pupil at the school from 1947 to 1953, who updated a number of individual entries.

 >> Tony Almond, a pupil at John Newnham school from 1957 to 1961, who recalls former master Charles Myers.

 >> Keith Hunter, a pupil at the school from 1968 to 1975, who recalls his first-year form master A. Robin Wilkinson.

 >> Peter Hurn, a pupil at the school from 1967 to 1973, who recalls several teachers from the late-Sixties & early-Seventies.

 >> James Barter, a pupil at the school from 1970 to 1973, who recalls several teachers from the early-Seventies.

JRGS Teaching Staff late 1954, prior to opening of Upper Shirley Road site in Spring 1955

As Paul Graham (JRGS 1959-66) points out: "It is fascinating to think that 11 of these masters were still teaching at John Ruskin Grammar School 10 years later in 1965, and that two others - Mr. Neale and Mr. Richardson - stayed until about 1960. The continuity of such a senior core of staff must have contributed to the increasing prestige of JRGS during the decade after the move to Shirley from Central Croydon." Click in the image to view a larger version of Mike Marsh's vintage photograph.

Back row (left-to-right): Mr. Warne (1953-59), Mr. Hancock (1947-65), Mr. Culcheth (1955-57), Mr. Wright (1953-59), Mr. Clark (1954-58); Middle row: Mr. Basil (19??-??), Mr. A. Murray (1952-77), Mr. Lawes (1953-56+), Mr. D. Rees (1952-72), Mr. G. Richardson (1949-60), Mr. Neale (1953-59), Mr. Gee (1945-71+), Mr. Smith (1942-78), Mr. Peacock (1948-71+); Front row: Mr. Whellock (1946-56), Mr. Pearman (1936-69), Mr. Cracknell (1936-76), Mr. Lowe (1945-73), Mr. Chaundy (1945-69), Mr. Fisher (1951-56+) and Mr. Pearce (1944-70).

Mel Lambert (JRGS 1959-65) adds: "William Cracknell was with the school for an astonishing 40 years; Charles Smith 36 years; Leonard Chaundy 34 years; George Pearman 33 years; John Lowe 27 years; Vincent Gee at least 26 years; Ronald Pearce 26 years (a sad death indeed); Alan Murray 25 years; Charles Peacock at least 23 years; David Rees 20 years; and Joseph Hancock 18 years."




Left School




John R. Adkins BScJohn Adkins


Sep 1961

Born 29 Apr 1939
in Croydon

Died Jul 2000, Aylesbury Vale (Bucks)

Dec 1964 to Soham Grammar School, Cambridge



Re-established a secondary school - and eventually a junior school - as a Christian Foundation.

Christian Union, Crusader holiday camps

According to John Peet (2007): "His wife, Heather, was a tremendous support to him in his school and camp and Crusader work."

H D Akroyd BA


Sep 1961

Dec 1964 to Commonwealth Civil Service, Northern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe)


Social Studies Society, Tuck Shop


Ronald Norman Alexander BSc



6 Aug 1914
in Bedford

Died 17 May 1970 in Bedfordshire.

Apr 1955 to headmaster of Arlesley/Stotfold Secondary School, Beds


School prods, Army Cadet Force (co-founder)

"A meticulous teacher, firm disciplinarian, a man of independent but fair judgment," wrote Mr. Lowe in 1971 school magazine.

H S Anderson BA


Sep 1961

Jul 1963 to Abbey Wood School, Woolwich

Geography, Games

Army Cadet Force


J S Armstrong BA


Sep 1963

Dec 1965 to Penarth Grammar School

Geography, Games

Staff cricket


Mr Badcock


Sep 1950

Left Jul 1953 for the Borough Polytechnic

Maths, Science

Army Cadet Force (co-founder)


Roy Frederick Baldwin



Jul 1960 after a short stay



Former JRGS pupil

C G Beebe BA


Jan 1963 from Battersea County School

Dec 1966 to King David School, Liverpool




T Brentnall MA


Dec 1966 from Australia (replacing Mr. Nunn on exchange)

Dec 1967 to return to Australia











G S Brown


Sep 1970

May 1971




C K Buck MA


Sep 1965

After 1966




L J Burtenshaw FTCL. DSCM.


Sep 1962

After 1966

Music (conductor)

Staff cricket

From Australia

F Busuttil LRAM. LRSM.


Sep 1962

After 1966

Music (pianist)


From Malta

Ian C Butterworth BMus


Sep 1963

July 1980


Head of Music Department in 1979.

Also Director of the Croydon Schools Music Centre.


B A Catchpole BA


(Possibly a reference to "ERNI" Premium Bonds)

Joined Sep 1955 from the Royal Free School, Windsor

Apr 1960 to Holloway Comprehensive School

History, junior arts subjects

Army Cadet Force, Archaeological Society


Colin P Chambers BA


Sep 1967

After May 1971
to Archbishop Tenison's GS


Chess Society, Squash Club

His daughter is Clare Chambers, the award-winning novelist; she also taught at Archbishop Tenison's GS

Leonard Walter Chaundy MA


Sep 1945

Born 22 April 1904 in Lambeth

Died 1972, aged 67 in Bexhill

Retired April 1969


Senior Science Master.
Helped set up Sixth Form.

Scientific Society

"Know Your Staff: Mr. A" (Dec 1963 magazine, pages 13/14)

Recalled in May 1969 magazine, page 4 and 5.

George William Chinnock
City & Guilds Cert.


Jan 1920, as one of seven founding teachers under the first headmaster, William Field.

The school comprises 210 boys.

Born 22 March, 1893 in Mile End.

Died 25 Feb 1955, aged 61, in Croydon.

Woodwork, Handicrafts

National Savings Club

Last surviving founding member of original school staff.
Lived in Addiscombe.

Hylton J Clark MA


Sep 1954

Born in 1924 in Greenwich, London.

Retired and reportedly living in Bromley.

Jul 1958 to Malory Comprehensive School, London

English, French, Scripture, Games

Army Cadet Force


Brian W G Cook BSc

2010 at Ruskin Reunion

Jan 1960

Died October 2019, aged

Dec 1965 to Northbrook Secondary, Lee, and thence to Warlingham Girls. Returned by Sep 1967.
Left after May 1971
to join Whyteleafe Grammar for Girls and then Oxted Grammar

Science and Maths
Sons attended sixth form & played in orchestra; Andrew taught Physics at JRGS; Peter taught in Bromley]

School orchestra (violin),
staff cricket

According to Martin Nunn (Apr 2002): Now retired, but makes various musical instruments despite hearing problems

E J Cornwell BA


Sep 1960

Jul 1963 to Weymouth Grammar School, Dorset

Classics, Latin, General Arts

In charge of Charities, staff cricket


William Cracknell BA



"Know Your Staff: Mr. J"
(May 1968 magazine, pages 10/11)

Sep 1936 from Ingram Road Senior School, Upper Norwood

Born 14 Apr 1911

in Weardale.

Died 22 May 2000, age 88.
Lived in Great Bookham, Surrey.

Retired April 1976, after 40 years.
Could have retired in 1971
"[but] I wanted to see the school through its last educational development [when JRGS went co-educational + comprehensive]."


According to Martin Nunn (Apr 2002):
Sadly, Mr. Cracknell died about two years ago, aged 88. He still sees Mrs. Cracknell

Deputy Head.

Studied English at Nottingham University and spent 4 years at Ingram Road Senior School, which became Westwood Girls High School.

"[JRGS] is certainly different from the school I joined as very young teacher, but it's every bit as good."

Met Charles Smith in 1934 at Ingram Road School

Norman Cresswell
Mr. Creswell

because he wore a "men's fragrance") and "Noddy" while headmaster at Archbishop Tenison (cf the Enid Blyton character, since his body rocked when excited)

Before 1942

Born 25 Aug 1910
in Braintree, Essex.

Died 29 Nov 1997
in Croydon

Later became head teacher at Archbishop Tenison GS, Croydon.

History and in 1942/43 mathematics

Terence Morris: "He never seemed happy with that [latter] assignment."

A graduate - like Mr. MacLeod - of King’s College, London.

Peter Oxlade: "He was always immaculately dressed and well groomed. He had a quite severe nature and held court in class in the strongest way."

Kenneth M Cripps


Jan 1960 from Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School

After 1971

Sixth-form Applied Maths

Photographic Society

"Know Your Staff: Mr. F"
(Jul 1965 magazine, pages 13/14)
Previously held a government post in Cyprus

Anthony J B Crowe MA


Jan 1960

Born March 1935 in Hampstead, London.

Died 1 Nov 2009, aged 74, in Cambridge

Jul 1963 to Homerton Teachers Training College, Cambridge


English, Drama


Attended St Catherine’s College, Cambridge, graduating in 1956 with a 2II honors degree in English.

Film Society, Junior Library, school choir, 15 Society

Attended St Joseph’s Blackpool; left in 1953 with A-Levels in English Lit, French & Latin.

Leonard James Culcheth BA

(Reportedly because of his large quiff that was also worn by a similar named character in The Eagle weekly comic)

Prior to 1955

Born 11 Mar 1925
in Edmonton, London.
Died 4 Feb 1996
in Ampthill, Bedfordshire.

Sep 1957 to Monks Park School, Bristol

History and Economics



Anthony F Davey BSc

2009 at Ruskin Reunion


Jul 1966 to Malory Comprehensive School
1969: Head of Physics at John Newham High School.
1976: Head of Science at Eltham Green School (ILEA 1760 pupils) Later became Deputy Head.


1992-2001 finished teaching career as Physics and Maths Teacher at Trinity School – "like being back at Ruskin"

Lighting for school productions Film Society
Photographic Society

Maintained Christian faith and currently Church Secretary at West Wickham & Shirley Baptist Church

According to Anne Smith
(Nov 2005):
His wife Ann taught at Ruskin after he had left.

Living qwith wife Ann in Kidderminster near their son and grandson

Ann Davey

Wife of Anthony Davey

2009 at Ruskin Reunion


At JRHS for two years and then John Ruskin College

Retired 2000

A-Level History and vocational courses – including developing the General National Vocational Courses


Began to teach part-time on the John Newnham site in 197I and was teaching CPVE when John Newnham closed in 1988

D Dobson BSc



Jul 1962 to Shenstone Training college, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

Biology, games

Staff cricket, bulb and shrub planting


Charles A Everhart B.Mus.


Sep 1965

After 1967




G M Evans BSc



July 1968 to work at English Electric Ltd.

Physics and Biology

Played on staff tennis team.


Anthony Charles Field BA


Sep 1958 after graduating from University College of North Staffordshire

Born 21 Nov 1935, in Brentford, London.

Died 14 Dec 1971, aged just 36, in Rotherfield, Sussex.

Dec 1965 to Shire Oak Grammar School, Walsall

English, Drama

Played organ, choir member, junior school productions, school trips abroad.


Bernard A Fisher M.A. L.èsL.



Sep 1951 from Stratford Grammar School

Apr 1957 to King David's School, Liverpool as headteacher


Remembered by at least one JRGS Alumnus as being very severe and strict.

According to Friends Re-united Message Board for King David’s School:
"Mr. Fisher, our headteacher, always stood so straight. He spoke eight different languages. He always wore his gown and terrified us all. I heard he went to live in Israel.”

Frederick Frame



Possible spoke in a slightly affected North American (maybe Canadian) accent



Image taken in 1969 by a 3U member, Jeremy Moore.

Vincent (Pat) Gee ARCA


Apr 1945

Born 6 Mar 1912
in Wandsworth, London.

Died 27 Aug 1981
in Banstead, Surrey

After May 1971


Art Society, set designer for school productions


Neville Graham Dip PE


Trained at Loughborough College.

Joined Sep 1957 from St. Aidan's Grammar School, Sunderland

July 1969 to Linwood High School, Christchurch, New Zealand

Physical Training

Staff cricket, skiing trips, Archery Club, Lacrosse

Retired from teaching in 1989 and lived in New Zealand. Moved to Perth WA 2003.


Mike Grant

2009 at Ruskin Reunion age 88




Played drums and sang in the John Ruskin Choral Society. He sang in his last concert at the age of 91


D W Gray BSc


Sep 1970

After 1971




J E Gregory


Sep 1970

After 1971




Dennis Roy Green BSc




Born 5 April 1933 in Battersea, South London.

ied 17 July, 1989, aged 58 of heart attack, week before he was to retire.

After May 1971

Biology, Zoology

Gardening Club, Cactus Club, Biological Society


D Griffiths


Prior to 1949



School productions


L F Grindle BSc



After 1967




Joseph Norton Hancock BA LRAM


Apr 1947

Born July 1908 in Wolstanton, Staffordshire

Died 7 February 1971, aged 62, according to page 4 of May 1971 school magazine.

July 1965 to Maryhill Comprehensive School, Stoke-on-Trent



Composed music to School Song (see page 3 of March 1948 school magazine)

School orchestra
"He came to a school with little musical tradition and few amenities; and with great courage and strength of personality he created what he did not find," wrote Mr. Lowe.

See appreciation on page 5 of the July 1965 School magazine.

Anthony J Hasler BSc BA


Jan 1960 (trained at Loughborough College)

Born 1931 Essex
D.L.C. (Second Class Hons)
BSc (Economics) London University - external
BA Loughborough University

Summer 1972 to Toldene Primary School and then to St. Luke’s Middle School, Reigate

Died 16th September 2017 "having suffered from dementia."



School orchestra (double-bass)
Christian Union,
Gym Club, Swimming Club

Interests included double-bass for National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain when he was 17 and Croydon Symphony Orchestra
Retired late 1990s but still active 2009

CJ Hatchett BSc


Sep 1970

After 1971




Geoffrey C Hawkes BA


Sep 1963

Jul 1966 to Headlands Senior High School


School productions, Folk Song Society

"Know Your Staff: Mr. E" (July 1965 magazine, pp 13/14)

A Lindsay Heather BA


Sep 1962

Dec 1962

Modern Languages, choir



David J Hewitt BEd


Sep 1970

After 1971




Miss D Hickmott L.èsL.


Prior to 1951

April 1952 to Davidson School, Croydon; later to Ashburton Girls School.

Took junior boys for French. (Reportedly, used a small mirror to practice vowel sounds in class.)

Communicant member of St. Michael's Church.

See: JRGS School Mag Spring 1952, page 5

According to Brian Thorogood [she] made it quite clear she was to be called "madam."

L R Howden BSc


Jan 1958 from Redhill Technical College

Jul 1961 to Purley County Grammar School

Senior Economics

Film Club, Chess Club


A R Hudson BA


Sep 1965

Jul 1966 for the Stationer's Company School

History, General Arts

Archaeological and History Society, Go Club


Terry T James BA


According to Anne Smith: "He had a habit of embracing male ex-colleagues such as John Rowlands in the corridor, to the amazement of students."

Sep 1965 from Selhurst Grammar School for Boys

Died 22 Oct 2016 age 83

July 1973


Lived in Los Angeles for several years, writing film music. Returned to South Wales


Made several return visits after he had become white-haired and looked like Father Christmas.

School orchestra, Folk Song Society

Reportedly, conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and appeared on film titles of several mid-Sixties movies.

C G Jarvis BSc


Sep 1970

After 1971




P H Jay


Sep 1965

July 1968






Joined ???

Jul 1960 after a short stay




G E Jones BA


Sep 1963

Dec 1965 to the City of Cardiff Training College


Staff cricket, Archaeological Society, History Society


I D Kay BSc


(A nickname possibly derived from Cassius Clay, the boxer, or maybe after training college he attended)

Sep 1962 following training at Sir John Cass College

June 1967, to Ghana

See May 1968 School Mag, page 2, for a tribute to Mr. Kay, described as "one of the most popular member of Staff."

Assistant Biology Master

Biological Society

Said to be missing part of a finger

David G Larman BSc



Jul 1960 after a short stay



Ex-JRGS pupil, afterwards professor at the University of British Columbia, also Reader in Mathematics at University College, London

Brian Lancaster


August 1989

Retired in 2005 aged 64

Also taught adults in the Six Form College

Spent two years at the Shirley site and the from 1991 at the SFC in Selsdon

Anne Smith: "All his [adult] students passed though, as I remember, several started with a lack of confidence. He gave them that and they loved him!"

R A Lawes BA BD


Sep 1953

Sep 1957 to The City of Norwich School

Scripture, Latin, History



J G Lee BA


Jan 1967

After 1973

Languages, inc. A-Level German



John Christopher Lowe MA


1946, as third JRGS head, after it achieved status as a grammar school in 1945.

Born 8 Dec 1909 in Shrewsbury.
Died August 1986 aged 75 in Bromley.

Retired in July 1973, after 27 years at JRGS.
"I can truthfully say that it has been my life and I've wanted no other."

General Studies (Sixth Form)

Head teacher.

Graduated 1930 from University of Birmingham; served at schools in Derby, Willesden, Birmingham and Wallasey.

First head master of John Ruskin School was William Field (1920-38) followed by Arthur McLeod (1938-46)

Keith Madeley







Kenneth George Maggs BA

"Hooky" "Captain"

"Iacobus Cornus" or "Hooky Jim"

Sep 1957 from King Edward VI School, Strafford-on-Avon

orn 4 March 1924

Died 1994 aged 70 in Croydon

After 1987

Second Master (in Croydon called Senior Master)

Latin, Senior Divinity

Also taught World Studies, French and Social Studies when Latin declined.

Army Cadet Force, Christian Union

Lived at Shirley

Lost arm in a shell blast prior to Battle of Arnhem in WW2.

George E Manning BA


Prior to 1947


Wrote words to School Song (see Mar 1948 school magazine page 3)

A very good cricketer and footballer, and star of the staff sides.
Played on staff tennis team.

Later head master of Ashburton Boys and, after retirement, taught part-time at Monks' Hill

Chris W Marsden BSc


Sep 1970

After 1999




Desmond May MA




Died on 14
February 2013

Jul 1960 to Bedminster Down Secondary School, Bristol. Became Deputy Head in Hemel Hempstead in 1967 and then Headmaster at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, Aylesbury, for 25 years

French, games

Staff cricket, school trips abroad

Retired in 1996.

Walter M McElroy BA


Sep 1965

Retired July 1977

English, Drama

School productions, Dramatic Society

Educated at Berkley California.

Died in Istanbul

Phillip J Murphy BA


Sep 1960 (study leave 1965-66)

July 1968

Modern Languages, including Russian

Chess Club

According to Martin Nunn (Apr 2002): Retired, but still active

Alan Leslie
Murray MA

"Egghead" "Ego"

Sep 1952 from Helsby Grammar School, Cheshire

Born 7 July, 1914,
Died March 4, 2005, aged 90. [more]

Retired July 1977

History, British Constitution, Chinese Civilization (Sixth Form General Studies)

Mock Elections,
15 Society, school choir, Debating Society, Archaeological Society

"Know Your Staff: Mr. B" (Dec 1963 magazine, pages 13/14)

S E Murray BA


Sep 1955 from Birmingham University (first appointment)

Sep 1957 to Westminster School




 Charlie Myers BAMyers


Born 25 Sep 1901 Yorkshire/Derbyshire

Died Nov 1982 Goring-by-Sea, Sussex

Spring 1951 "after 26 years on staff"
to become headmaster of the newly opened John Newnham Secondary School, Selsdon.

Second Master/Deputy Head

French and Latin teacher

See: Autumn 1951 JRGS magazine page 4/5.


F N Neale BA


Jan 1953 from East Dean Grammar School

Dec 1959 to West Bridgford Grammar School, Nottingham

English, Drama

School productions











Arrived  ~1963 from Selhurst Boys Grammar School and retirement

Died 1990s

Left ~1967/8

Languages (part-time)



Martin Nunn BA


Sep 1957

Summer 1973.
Reported to have retired from Caterham School in 1996/7, where he was interested in Christian Fellowship, and
taught RI and Geography.



(Spent Jan-Dec 1967 in Australia, exchanging with Mr. Brentall.)

Christian Union, Scripture Union, staff cricket, school choir, Astronomical Society


J J Parker BSc


Jan 1960

Jul 1961 to Croydon Technical College




N Perrin BA


Sep 1970

After 1971




William Patterson


2009 at Ruskin Reunion

1973-90, as fourth head.

First head was William Field (1920-38), followed by Arthur McLeod (1938-46) and John Lowe (1946-73)

Died October 2014, aged 83

1990, succeeded at Shirley by Anne Smith, who in 1991 became Principal of the John Ruskin Sixth-Form College in Selsdon.



Anne Smith: "A county player for rugby and played for the RAF in cricket. (Or I may have got them the wrong way round! Anyway, he was not only a sports lover but also a very good player.

Charles William Peacock BSc


Sep 1948 from Alleyne's Grammar School, Stone, and Ealing Technical

After 1971

Born 9 Dec 1909, York, Yorkshire

Died 23 Jun 2004 at April Court Nursing Home, Swansea South Wales


and Geology

Stage manager for school productions

According to Anne Smith: "Charles Peacock became blind as a result of his diabetes, but continued teaching."

Ronald Douglas Pearce BSc


Sep 1944

Born 30 October 1908 in Reigate.

Died in post, January 12 1970 in Croydon, aged 61.


Maths, Sixth Form Pure Maths

School librarian

Lived at Selsdon. Memorial corner in school quadrangle. (See May 1970 and May 1971 school magazines)

George Thomas Pearman BSc


Sep 1936

Born 10 Jun 1907, in Fulham, London

Died 24 Feb 1983 in Liphook, Hampshire

Retired July 1969


Left Jul 1941 to the LCC under National Service Scheme but
rejoined staff on Sep 1944

Made Second Master in Sep 1951.

Derek G F Peasey BSc


Sep 1956

Dec 1959 to Willesden County School, London

Mathematics and Science, Chemistry

Fencing Club


J H John Peet BSc

2009 at Ruskin Reunion

Sep 1961
First teaching post

December 1965

Spent almost four years in Wolverhampton before moving into Further Education at Scunthorpe


Astronomical Society, Christian Union, Scientific Society

Ended up back in school teaching when local Grammar School lost its chemistry master.

Eventually moved to Guildford, Surrey

Edward S Powe LRAM

 "Ted" and "Chimp" - "possibly because of his constantly furrowed brow a la chimpanzee." 

Prior to Dec 1958

After 1967 to teach at Archbishop Tennyson's School


Retired after 1971

English and Drama

School productions, Public- speaking competition


J E Preddy BSc


Sep 1964

After May 1971


Scientific Society


Leonard Ernest Probert


Sep 1956

Born 14 June 1908 in Paddington, London.

Died Nov 1999 Leatherhead, Surrey
, aged 91

Retired after 1971


Also responsible for Careers

Sets for school productions


Elizabeth Pullen




History and Geography


A teaching assistant?

D John Ratcliffe BA

 PBR ("Pretty Boy Ratcliffe")

Sep 1963

July 1970, to teach in Cyprus but returned after division of the island.

English Literature, Latin

Fencing Club, School Orchestra (trumpet)

and ACF Lieutenant to Captain  Maggs

According to Roger Adcock, "twisted side burns if you messed about - which 5G did."

David John Rees BA


Jan 1952

Born 26 Jun 1920 in
Llanelli, South Wales.

Died aged 75 on
6 Feb 1996 (heart problem) in Hayes, Kent

Left in 1970 to teach at St Dunstans College, Catford

Lived in Hayes, Kent


In charge of Charities

According to Anne Smith: "Mr. Rees was long remem-bered for his antagonism to comprehensive system, saying on one occasion, 'I am a teacher not a social worker."'

T M Rees BA


Sep 1966

Jul 1969 to Colchester Royal Grammar School


 School choir


Vernon Rees



Reportedly, left suddenly "under a cloud" in 1979

Music and school choir

 Married Maureen Plummer, Head of Girls PE in 1976

Produced Salad Days in Summer 1976
and Oklahoma!
in  Summer 1975

John N. Rhodes BA


as an homage to the Ray Charles song, Hit The Road, Jack.)

Sep 1960

Born 26 Sept 1936 in  Yorkshire.

Died 7 Feb 2009

Jul 1963 to Kesteven Teachers Training College, Lincolnshire


Army Cadet Force, Archaeological Society


Howard Richards


~1969 to mid-Seventies or later



Ran a football team each season

Anne Smith: "Also spoke Russian though he did not teach it."

George Richardson BA


Jan 1949 from Gunnersby Grammar School, Middlesex

Jul 1960 to St Mary's Collegiate Institute, Ontario, Canada

French, Spanish
and Latin

Skiing trips, foreign travel, tuck shop, school catering


D Richardson BSc


Sep 1966

Jul 1969


Bridge Club Stamp Club
School choir


D T Ricks MA


Sep 1960

Jul 1962 to Lycée Français de Londres




Phil Robertshaw BA


Jan 1960

Dec 1962 to Marple Hall Grammar School, Cheshire


School tuck shop, school trips abroad, Cactus Club


J C Robertson

"Golly" but also due to curly hair surrounding bald pate.





Owen Roebuck OBE CBE


Sep 1963

After 1966



Former Principal Chaplain to Royal Navy, acting Chaplain to HM Forces in Gibraltar

John Robertson "Muttley" (possibly after the Hanna-Barbera cartoon  character) 1969 Around 1974 to go up to Hertfordshire
History Following retirement, lives in Royal Tunbridge Wells and is member at Lords According to Steve Tyler "our paths crossed again at The Oval."

John Rowlands BSc

1967 school photo


From 1981


Retired from the school - now a Sixth Form College - in July 2009 after 43 years service.


Head of Economics. Head of Sixth Form. Head of the Faculty of Economics, Business Studies and Mathematics. Assistant Principal

Squash Club

Anne Smith: "When it was necessary to develop Business Studies courses, John became a Business Studies teacher too, and was assiduous in learning and presenting these new courses; later he added Accounting to his repertoire."

M J Saxby BSc PhD


Sep 1958 from Sir John Cass College

Left 1960?

Chemistry, Games

Photographic Society, electrics for school productions


M Scarratt BA


Jan 1963

Jul 1963 to Lawrence Sheriff School, Rugby

Modern Languages



Russell Sharrock BSc

Retired; last heard of in 1998 and 2006 living in Sheffield.


Sep 1955 from Lancaster Royal Grammar School

Born 8 Octoer 1924 in Wigan.

Dec 1959 to St Walter St John's School, Battersea, as Head of Maths, and then to Malory School, Grove Park, SE London, and Head of King Edward VII School, Sheffield


GCE exams supervisor, staff cricket, electronics, Radio Club


K B Simpson BSc

Sep 1955 from King's College, London (first appointment)

Jul 1958 to Wandsworth Comprehensive School, London


Photographic Society, Chess Club, Christian Union


Anne Smith

2009 at Ruskin Reunion

from Selhurst Grammar School for Girls

1999, after 29 years at school.
Fifth head after William Field (1920-38), Arthur McLeod (1938-46), John Lowe (1946-73) and William Patterson (1973-90)


Senior Mistress, Deputy Head and then Principal


See: May 1971 School Magazine page 10

Followed transition of school from Grammar, through High to Sixth-Form College

Charles Edward Smith

"Smuts" "Smithy"

Sep 1942

Born 16 November,   1912, in Gosport - a "Hampshire Hog"

Married Elisabeth on
15 August 1959

Died 11 March 2012

Retired July 1978

"Know Your Staff: Mr. D" (July 1964 magazine, pages 10/11/12)

PE, Maths
Head of PE Department 1943-68.

Full Profile

Met William Cracknell in 1934 at Ingram Road School

Skiing trips


Assisted at Fairfield Halls, Croydon.

Anne Smith:
"A bigwig (coach?) in Surrey County Cricket"

I F Strover BSc


Jan 1967

Jul 1969


School Magazine


Alan Suffling


Sep 1968

After 1971

PE and Mathematics

Reportedly, "a good cricketer who reached  club level."


Hugh Rendel Tasker BA (Cantab) Cert.Ed.


Sep 1965

Born 17 Sep 1917 Hexham, Northumberland

Married Marion Bethell 1950 Kensington, London

Died Jan 2001 in Lugwardine, Herefordshire

Sep 1966 for Selhurst Grammar Croydon
(left Jul 1970)

Modern Languages






Apr 1960



Reportedly, he always wore a tie around his trousers as a belt

David Elwyn Thomas


Sep 1955 from Heath Clark School, Croydon.

Born 12 Feb in 1906 Pontypridd, South Wales

Died 11 Apr 1999 in New Malden, Surrey

Retired Jul 1970 but continued to teach part time


Whist drives, Italic handwriting

 "I made our front door number in his class during my first year" - Peter Hurn.

D A Trout BComm


Sep 1965

Sep 1966




Kenneth Montague J Tryon M.A. L.èsL


Joined Apr 1957 from Banbury Grammar School
Left after 1971

Born Sep 1909 Portsmouth, Hampshire

Died in Canada in late-90s

After 1971

Moved to Canada in 1991, to live with his daughter, Valerie (born 1934), a professional pianist.

Modern Languages

School trips abroad, make-up for school productions

According Ian Macdonald/Jan 2009: "Via Valerie Tryon's web page, I contacted her UK agent. I was saddened to learn that her father had died in Canada about 10 years ago, having outlived his wife, Iris."

C Tucker BSc


Sep 1964

Jul 1966 for what was then South Bank Polytechnic

Economics, PE

Swimming Club


H L Walker BA BSc


Sep 1960 from Birkenhead Grammar School

Jul 1961 (retired)




Arthur C Warne


Prior to 1955

31 Jan, 1928, at Erith, Kent

Died Nov 2005, aged 77

Dec 1959 to Malory School

Modern languages, games.

A keen sportsman in his youth, playing cricket, rugby and basketball.

Staff cricket, school trips abroad, whist drives, school choir.

He had lived in Stevenage for 42 years and been a mem-ber of the Rotary Club of Stevenage for over 25 years.

John B Welch


Sep 1968

Jun 1970 to Central Foundation Grammar School




Reginald B Whellock BSc

2011 at Ruskin Reunion

Sep 1946 from Knareborough Grammar School & Royal Navy

Born 8th Sep 1914

Sadly, died 4th Sep, 2015, aged 100, at the Hall Grange Methodist care home, Shirley.

Jul 1956 to Wandsworth School, London




"The architect designed the Biology Department and the garden and the pond all around my requirements."

Film Society

Also taught
at Croydon Polytechnic two nights a week for 17 years

Dec 1956 (page 7) Mar 1947 (page 2) School Magazines

Clive Whitehead BA


Sep 1966


August 1967, to return to New Zealand and now lives in Perth, Western Australia

Social Studies, English and PE


Former JRGS pupil from 1950 to 1952

A Robin Wilkinson BSc

"The Wilk"

Sep 1961

July 1969.


Retired and now living in Lancaster.




Paul Winter



"Taught for two short terms in 1966" before leaving for an Economics post at Shene Grammar School

English and History (Junior Arts Post)


Former JRGS pupil from1959 to 1962

Clive S Wiseman BA


Sep 1963

After July 1968


Staff cricket

 "Know Your Staff: Mr. I" (May 1968 magazine, pages 10/11)

Ronald Francis Victor Woodard


Sep 1957 from Dartford Grammar

orn 28 June 1919, in Eastbourne, Sussex.

Died 1998 age 78, in Broadstairs, Kent.

His widow Nora died in November 1999

After May 1971

Senior English

Staff cricket, school trips abroad, skiing trips

"Know Your Staff: Mr. C" (July 1964 magazine, pages 10/11)

P C Wright BSc


Sep 1953

Dec 1959 to Wells Cathedral School

Sixth form master

Staff cricket, school choir

According to Brian Thorogood "committed member of School ACF, working hard on a course to obtain the rank of Lieutenant."

Alfred E C York BA


Joined Sep 1948 from University College, London

1952 to join RAF Educational Corps


Staff cricket - "a proven batsman" Also played on staff tennis team.

According to Oct 1948 school magazine studies at UCL interrupted by wartime commission in RNVR.

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