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1939-45 #3 1939-45 #3

Life continued in Woking until 1942. By this time, it had become apparent that Croydon was not a key target for German bombs and Croydon parents wanted their children back.

... And so back they came to Tamworth Road - and to Mr. McLeod.

Note Mr. McLeod's comment: "I now resume use of this Log". You can almost hear the stress on the "I". The "Man" is back!

1939-45 #3 1939-45 #3

But he still gets his registers checked (24/9/42).

By 1944, air-raids were still continuing and, as can be seen here, staff were bombed-out (21 June entry) - but still the school continued.

And on 1 April 1945, John Ruskin became a Grammar School - but it didn't open as such until 24 April.

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